July 11, 2010

The Shower Journal

For various reasons I've taken quite a break from this blog.
Something about moving to San Francisco and finding myself surrounded by artsy types...
wore me out.
But I'm over it.

Having just returned from a 5 day paddle down the Yampa River, I'm feeling recharged, inspired, and excited. I have some photos on the way, as well as my biggest film endeavor since I was 15, or maybe ever.

Unitl then -
Back in 2005 I bought a waterproof notepad with the intention of using it only when showering. It didn't work out. I found that I didn't feel like writing when showering. I much prefer bathing.
As of today I called it complete. Here are a few highlights from The Shower Journal.


Shower Journal - 11/18/05 - 7/11/10
"Ahhh, writing in the shower. This is challenging."


"Charlie's Requirements," suggested by Daniel Wegener.
Fruit Personified.


Schedule for the week.
Naked Lady.


Chin Guy.
Notes on shoes, Booty Girls.


Invented lyrics.
Thoughts on happiness.


britt. said...

Gwyneth Paltrow has banana breasts. I saw them in a movie once. I was young and horrified at the time.

Trot said...

hard to write in the shower, you say....

how quickly you forget, it was also hard to bathe in our shower....