February 23, 2009

ugly, ugly man



Where The Folks Get Their Yolks


Dot's Diner. There are 4 people in this picture. Can you find them all?

February 22, 2009


a peaceful picture from cataract canyon in 2007

February 3, 2009

two summers ago, me and a few other guys took a road trip to asheville, nc. just as we left boulder there was a heavy downpour, and then came much more serious weather in kansas. tornado warnings kept us off the road for some time. 
stalled at a rest stop and thinking that we'd be there for a while, we just hung out in the company van. willy went to use the bathroom and came back with some news.  a few truckers said that the storm was coming right for us, but there was a small window, and if we hurried we might just make it. 
so we buckled up and hit the road.

tornado alley (2007)

at the end of the road, safe in asheville (2007)