November 30, 2008

way back when

my dad brad
Dream Canyon (2006)

Will Otte (2006)

November 19, 2008

day of mankillers (2006)

November 18, 2008

suppose i've been drawing lots of naked ladies lately

I've started work on a new project. Or maybe I've started and finished. Depends on whether I come up with new material anytime soon.
I'm writing a standup comedy act and recording it before a live studio audience in my bedroom by myself. So far I have three jokes.

November 16, 2008

an area off 17, approaching santa cruz. (a few years back)

November 15, 2008

naked snorkeler & cubes. collabo piece with nicholas berling.

now available in two striking color combinations!

November 14, 2008

james catts (2007)