March 16, 2009

Homie Abroad

I just got this Facebook message today from a good friend. I'll leave him anonymous:

dude, i was sitting on the main plaza minding my own business and this columbian sits down and we start chatting and he asks me if i want to go for a cerveza so we go.
dude´s older with a family and a drugdealer, found it wayyyy tooo intriguing apparently-.
went to some bar in the middle of nowhere, afternoon, had a drink and the guy gave me a half a joint to smoke. the beers were expensive, and he said it is because you can smoke there without a problem.
he offered me some columbian coke and it was rediculous, apparently completely pure.
he left because he wanted to give me a weed sack and when he came back, he gave it to me and i put it in my pocket.
moments later, police man walks in.
shit´s way tense, searches us, columbian has coke and hash and i just put a bunch of pot in my pocket.
shows us a document saying: you are fucked for at least 4 years in prison.
offers us a bribe and i was nervous as hell as bribing is illegal here.
we take a taxi with the cop to my hostal, i have 2 minutes to grab my credit card, all the cash i have and my passport.
go to the bank, can only get 320 dollars out, he wanted a g.
columbian says he´ll cover me the rest of the way, thank god, the cop hands me my shit and lets me get out of the car.
im currently nervous as hell, seeing as the cop knows where im staying and my name, and the columbian does as well and i sure as hell dont want to pay him back 7 hundo for spotting me.
too bad i maxed my card out and policeman took all my cash.
i cant stop looking over my shoulder and i feel like absolute shit physically and mentally. im such an asshole, but i learned the most intense lesson ever.
by far the most intense experience ever. ever.

i´m sticking it out in the hostal, fuck it. shits crazy.l i´ll let you know when i get out of cuzco

Stay safe, homie!