September 10, 2008

This is my family's dog (below), Lilly, formerly Little Foot. My friends Kath and Jane rescued her from an awful living situation. They crawled through an unlocked window and stole her. Little Foot needed a new home, so, with a blessing, I took her to California and she's lived with my family since.

It was a long 'goodbye.'

Kath cries her cute little eyes out.

Lilly needed a playmate so my folks got Dudley (below). Dudley is a good dog. He is best known for destroying only the most sentimental objects.

People often commented on the human-like quality of Lilly's eyes. They were really something. But then Lilly lost her eyes. Lilly is blind now and it's so sad. She's doing well though. She's adapted. I can see that Lilly is a happy dog again. But Lilly cannot see this. Because she has no eyeballs. 

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